About us

Facemotion3d IOS app

We are a small group of artists and programmers with the goal of bringing affordable facial mocap solution to people who wants to get into the world of facial animation and mocap.     Our first IOS app is Facemotion3d which uses apple arkit technology to capture 51 facial data and export or sends it to be retargeted in PC DCC (desktop content creation softwares) for facial character animation. 

The Facemotion3d app allows for free download and testing thus providing users a chance to see and test for themselves the joy of doing facial mocap with their own facial expressions and speech.   It will allow up to 5 seconds (150 frames) of recording and exporting or live streaming.   You can see examples of animations created with our app in the gallery section. 

Facemotion3d Plugins

We have various plugins for several DCC applications (Maya, Blender, DAZ, Unity, Max(coming soon) that works really well with our Facemotion app to bring you easy workflow and pipeline for doing facial animation.  The plugin allows for live streaming to viewport and also to record and send data directly to your host software for baking to timeline.  In Case of maya dn blender, you can bake to different positions in timeline allowing multiple takes to be written to single working file.   Audio is also automatically imported to the softwware and saved to your host pc.   This greatly reduces the workload of exporting and downloading and importing to retarget to your characters in your DCC.   

Custom blendshapes

If  you have used arkit facial animation pipeline before, you probably have noticed there are some limiations of it's capture technology.  For example, asymmetrcial (right and left moving separately) brows aren't really supported and also sad brows are not quite easy to do with arkit tech.  So we've added emotion sliders for making hand input data possible for sad expressions and brows (also couple of tongue movements).

Also we know it's not easy to make those custom 51 arkit compatible blendshapes to be used with the APP.    So we are offering solutions for such task as well. 


Our blendshapes  are fined tuned to be optimzed for arkit facial data.   This allows for maximum quality without exagerating the expressions when make facial acting with iphone.    Also we have wrinkles in the blendshapes and in the future we will incorporate wrinklemaps for DCC or realtim usage

Beta testing

We have beta testers to give us feedback and suggestions from real life usage of our products which help us to improve the quality over time