FBX exported animations

You will see animations made from Facemotion ios recorded data which were exported as fbx then retargetted to characters in different programs.

UNITY live stream

You can see examples of streaming characters from the FM app to the unity viewport with textures and shading. 

BLENDER live stream

FM live to blender for live viewing in shaded mode.  Render them with eevee for higher quality output at super fast speed.  


MAYA record n bake

You can stream and watch, and also stream/record to app and bake to maya timeline.  multiple times if you wish.. with audio export as well

DAZ stream/record/bake

Streaming to daz in Filament mode is fun to watch, and you can also record and bake to daz timeline with audio import

Multi character animation

you can retarget to different characters using our pipeline. 

Mixamo with Facemotion

Use thousands of free mixamo animations with our FM facial animation pipeline