Instruction on recording and exporting FBX


Place the phone about 2 feet in front of you and center it.

Press the Reset button at the bottom right (where arrow is)



Start recording your facial performance by pressing the RED round button on top right. :)



You should see that Recording has started.

Press the Stop (Top right Square button) when you are done.


You can now export it by pressing

the SAVE button (Top middle-folder icon).  If you record a new one, the previoius one will be deleted, so save it if you like this take [you can preview it by playing]

You can rename your file and hit OK.  Default name is "facemotion and today's date"

After few seconds of white screen you will get a confirmation pop up window telling you that your recorded fbx file has been saved in your IOS’s file folder.   Depending on the length of your recording, the saving may take several seconds. 

Open your Files folder/On My iPhone: FACEMOTION3D folder.

inside you should see your recorded file.   Select fbx & audio (You can select multiple files by pressing select on top right first)and press the upload icon at the bottom left.  If you want to email the files, your files shouldn’t exceed 24megs.. if they do send fbx and audio separately. 

If you want to save (upload) to iclouds, you should press the files icon then upload to your icloud storage.

Once you have either emailed your fbx/audio or uploaaded to your iclould storage,

you can download it and use it with your DCC (maya, blender, c4d, etc) and retarget to

your characters.