Recording & fbx export

here you'll learn how to use FM IOS to record and export fbx

FM live to MAYA

Using Blender Sample Avatar

Using Maya Sample Avatar


Below you will find some of the frequently asked questions regarding our product


What is the Difference between facecap and facemotion3d app? 

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facecap does fbx export for retargetting.  Facemotion does the same and much more.. it does live streaming to DAZ, MAYA, BLENDER, UNITY and more (MAX and Unreal in the works). :)  also it has emotion input sliders and neural face calibrator.  and it's cheaper..(the base  price is cheaper). 


How can I create avatars to use with Facemotion3d app? 

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We have solutions for creating custom avatars.  contact us for more details.  :)


How do I connect to my PC for live streaming test? 

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Simply follow instructions on the PC side plugins for DAZ, BLENDER, MAYA and UNITY.  then just make faces on the app. :)  you can also record and bake directly to your PC client software. it's very easy and fun!


Why is my avatar not moving when trying to stream? 

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1-check your iphone ip on your pc plugin side. your iphone ip is in the settings page in your iphone. 


What settings are best for streaming? 

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As far as frame rate in your app, 60fps for daz, 20fps for blender (shaded mode.. not eevee.. yet), 15-30 fps for maya and 30-60 for Unity. :)